Trombone Glissando

New Spitfire user so forgive my ignorance.

I have the Studio Brass Professional and quite confused on why the pitch-bend wheel has no effect from my keyboard. I'm in Solo Trombone, but I actually loaded the advanced patches too thinking (seemingly incorrectly) that there would be treasures there.

I plan to check the manual tonight but I'm kinda surprised and think something else is a float:-) |


  • Hmm, no replies to my post and there seems to be nothing in the manual about glissandos. Odd to have a trombone without the ability to gliss ??

    -rich |

  • Try submitting a support ticket. That's the best way to get help. The forum here is more collaboratively focused.

    You may also want to try rephrasing your question so that you can get a better response. The title seems to be about the gliss function, but then the initial post focuses on the mod wheel and vaguely expresses dissatisfaction with the advanced patches for the solo Trombone. Were you hoping to control gliss with the mod wheel, looking for a gliss patch that isn't there, or something else?

  • Thanks for your thoughts, new to the spitfire world and going through that learning phase. Pitch-bend wheel is what I mentioned. Just would like to sound a common glissando which trombones are quite good at :-) I am used to it just being an enabled function. No mention of it that I could find in the Studio Brass Professional manual. |

  • I'm sorry, but the glissandi is an articulation. And if an articulation is not listed in the art. list on the website, it doesn't exist.

    About the pitch-bend wheel, Spitfire's products don't usually have the pitchbend function.

    If you are looking for a trombone gliss, check out Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass, you can purchase the solo trombones a la carte and they do have the gliss art.

  • Ahh, thank you, I was suspecting the lack of pitch-bend function but wanted to confirm. No one package provides everything we need, as we all know. I do have a number of trombones already but am exploring Spitfire's offerings.

    I appreciate your feedback, thanks!

    -rich |

  • This intrigued me as I'm also looking for solo bass and viola harmonics. But I couldn't find any a la carte offerings for trombone. These things are hard to google for I know! :-) |

  • Hi @AZooNY

    Here's a link to Berlin Brass

    If you click on the instruments tab you will see all of the individual instruments along with the articulations and price.



  • How about that. . . Thanks for the link!

    -rich |

  • If you have the Kontakt Factory Library, the orchestral stuff in that has the pitch wheel enabled, in a pinch you might be able to use that to fake it.

    I tried that for the trombone slide at 0:23 seconds in here:

    Doesn't sound great, but I think I got away with it? haha