Spitfire player long load times

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I recently upgraded my BBCSO core to pro, and the spitfire player takes a long time to load. It's usually around 10+ seconds for the first one (it's even empty), I don't recall this being the case when I still had core. Everything runs from SSDs and no anti-virus.

So my question is, is this normal behaviour?


  • Everything is optimised. It's also not related to samples being loaded, since I'm using an empty one. It's just the player plugin itself that takes aged to load (only the first one added/activated).

  • Hi @EdwinKuipers@Edwin how is the external SSD formatted?

  • i have the same issue. But with more than BBCSO. Everything ran fine on my W10 pc but now they all take minutes to load. Been working with them for months now and they have no solution.

  • @EdwinKuipers @csgoodfellow I also find the first instance of the Spitfire plug-in takes a while - often 10s, though only 7s in the experiment I just did. Like you, I have no default preset at start-up.

    @Sarah Not sure if you're investigating, but in case the data point is useful: my SSD is formatted as MacOS Extended (Journaled). From the log: "BBC Symphony Orchestra : preset and patch parsing took 6.135 seconds." The plugin seems to be calling stat()/readlink() on every file, which can be rather slow. E.g. if I use the command line to do a stat() on every file from the Presets and Patches trees, it takes about the same amount of time as the plugin takes to load. If I just read the data from all the files, it's much faster: less than a quarter of the time.