Cheesy? But lovely - Don't Cry for Me

I wonder if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me that will mark me out as an absolute novice. The intro to Don't Cry for Me Argentina = the top strings that basically mimick the syllables of the first verse:

Is that just a violins on the top line? Lots of them? I've never heard a library that sounds quite like it - it's so aggressive - would the BBC SO do it? with lots of reverb? do we think there's violas on that top line? (bass on single note, and plucked celli?)

What is the articualtion called when you play a single note like that which slurs and accents during the note to create the syllables? cruscendo/deminuedo? Is that something you'd do on a modwheel on a long?



  • I'm informed it's bow direction change

    and the strings apparently have some kind of keyboard underneath them as well as there being loads of them.