Abbey Selections


what is the reason that the selections are that much limited in key range? If you are trying to accompany a melody of the full version that end up in a mess as the foundations are limited by whatever reason to 2 octaves, while I have 4 octaves in the full version.

Did I miss something or is there any way to extend it like in Kontakt? Did you check how easy that is in the Sine Player? Would there be an update for this?

Maybe an update where Legato is added in the full version of Abbey One, which is an essential expression but missing.

Abbey One does sound really wonderful but it has been so many limits that the way to use is far more limited than necessary.

Kind regards



  • I think the selections are limited to the shared ranges of the instruments used. The Selections are some lovely sounds designed for very specific uses and tonalities.

  • there is a transpose button in the GUI on the right side, which shift all the range, why not make this easier to allow an expansion like in the Sine Player where I simply can move the slider to extend the range if there is a missing top note, without cannibalising the lower notes