Volume Consistancy Abbey vs BBSCO and others


I own Abbey which I really love, BBSCO, Spitfire Symphonic and Hans Zimmer Strings.

If I compare the initial volume by adding all those libraries in the BBSCO template I am running into a big volume discrepancy. While BBSCO initial settings are quite loud I need to pump up Abbey and Hans Zimmer a lot, Why is there no consistency in volume within these libraries? Wont it make sense to set a standard within all the orchestral libraries like -10db for a violin spiccato key played with a velocity of 100 or anything similar?

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  • Hi @stefanbreitbach

    It would be expected that there are volume inconsistencies between Kontakt and Non-Kontakt products as the samples will have been processed and compressed using different methods. That said, if you feel the volume is way out, do feel free to reach out to our team directly at www.spitfireaudio.com/support

    Otherwise, I would check you are not automating/ editing CC7 (master volume) by mistake on either the Kontakt or Spitfire Plugin libraries.