Any way to downgrade to the BBCSO Core 1.21 plug-in?

I am having an issue where tracks start playing and then cut out prematurely, e.g a 4 voice 1 bar chord on 12 different instruments, all “longs”. Some of the tracks start to play, then cut, others don’t, with no pattern I can discern.

My DAW is Reaper. My computer is a fast laptop with 16 g RAM. CPU use is 25% free RAM is more than 4 gig. All my windows drivers are up to date. I checked latency monitoring and there is no issue... my computer supports real time audio with ease. I sent audio through my Octa Capture USB sound card using the Octa Capture ASIO driver and it made no difference. Conclusion - it is not a windows or hardware issue.

There is NO setting in Reaper or Cakewalk that makes the slightest bit of difference, not block size or any of the various buffer sizes. Conclusion - it is not a DAW issue

What's left? The only recent change in my system is when I upgraded Core to 1.5. I can only conclude that the 1.5 plugin has a bug. 

Before spending more hours troubleshooting, I’d like to go back to the 1.21 plugin. If the issue persists, then I have work to do. If the issue is solved, then Spitfire has work to do 😏


  • Hi @Doc Bob - thanks for writing in. I've created a Zendesk support ticket for you so that we can dive deeper into your issue. Stay tuned for an email from us!