BBCSO Core Multi channel Output Setup Help Please?


I am totally new to this library and forum, so 'hello'.

I purchased SO Core yesterday night, and as expected, I am now totally lost. I would like primarily to find out if this Vst Plug-In can be added as one instance on a master track, and then have it create sub midi channels like you are able to do with Kontakt? I am not sure of the implications for CPU and Ram loads if I use a separate instance of Core for each instrument track I wish to have in any composition.

I have read the manual, and I am checking YouTube extensively, but I can't seem to get at the information I need. I did however find a post by someone suggesting that you can enable this functionality by editing the 'mic output' section of the Vst interface. But when I loaded Core into Cubase and I couldn't see that particular 'Mic setup area' anywhere?

Please if possible can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.



  • Hello Steve,

    Thank you very much. You totally answered all my concerns, that's great. I know how to save on RAM, by removing unwanted presets, so I guess that should be enough to conserve resources.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi @C_Black

    Just to add to Steve's answer above, here is an example of how one might use the Multi Timbral feature in Pro (or any plugin library that has mic signals available such as ARO, ART, and Eric Whitacre).