Can I use existing content on an external drive

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Hi! I needed to get mobile for a month, taking the kitchen sink with me. I have a laptop where I've been installing all my plugins.

Native Instruments was a whizz, as I was able to just locate the existing sample content on an external drive, and Native Access dealt with the rest.

Is this possible with LABS? Can I just download and install the basic LABS plugin and then point to the external drive folder where all LABS content is?

Or do I need to download and install everything again?

Thanks in advance!


  • I've recently just moved all my LABS Samples to an external drive and just pointed to the HDD Folder from the 'Default Content Path' in the SA Settings and all good!

  • Thanks for your input, but I think we're talking about different situations. I do need to install the plugins themselves to the new computer — but if possible, I would like to skip the downloading of the sample libraries — since they are already on my external drive.

    I already installed the Spitfire Audio app, opened it, tried to point to my external drive, but since I need to install the plugin apps, there doesn't seem to be a way to choose what I download and what I don't. It seems like the plugins plus the sample libraries are coming in as one big package.

  • Ah I see, I don't think you can just download the Plugin that loads the Samples, all my files for LABS are all in the same folder on the external, there is an option in the Plugin Screen itself to locate the file/s: (Which isn't in the main SA settings screen)

    On each Plugin screen, in the bottom right corner there's a Cog icon, clicking on that gives you 4 options, one is 'Locate', now I don't know if that relates to the Plugin itself or the Samples as well?

    Might be a combination of telling SA App to find the Samples then point the option above to the Plugin Folder?

    My SA Folder looks like this:

    Spitfire Audio LABS/





    Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra

    Or might be simpler/easier to re download everything and start from Scratch!

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Wow, thanks! I had noticed the "Repair" button and tried it successfully on one LABS instrument... but when I was going to do the same with the other instruments, the "Repair" button was not there!

    After reading this article, I noticed the little grey (almost like greyed out!) cog wheel — and when I clicked that, even smaller and greyer menu came out, revealing the wanted "Repair" option.

    If there was a way to Repair all instruments simultaneously, I didn't see it. So, I repaired them one by one. Felt extremely silly, clicking each instrument, clicking the cog wheel, clicking repair, clicking "Choose folder", just clicking "Open" because the dialogue already showed the right folder, clicking "Repair" and, to top it all, clicking back to the LABS section of Spitfire app — even though I never really left that section.

    I got the job done, but this app and the whole system REALLY needs to be redesigned. Intuitive and easy to use it is not. :-)

    But thanks a lot to all of you who chipped in! Even though the solution wasn't very elegant, it saved a lot of time! Cheers!

  • Glad to hear you got it sorted, yeah it does seem a bit convoluted and having 2 settings options in the same simple App is a bit non productive when it could be integrated into the main Settings options but at least you are now an expert! ; )