Studio Strings, missing articulations in core?

Hi, I just purchased studio strings in the core edition, and I've noticed that in the sections 'extended techniques', 'individual articulations' and 'other patches', many of the articulations are greyed out and do not load. The keyboard display within kontakt does not display the note range highlighted in blue, and no sound comes from these articulations. I've listed a few below, just from the extended techniques section, to give an idea of what I'm (not) seeing. Is this just how the library is designed, or should they be there?

One exception is within extended techniques/celli/core techniques/short harmonics- here, the notes are highlighted blue on the keyboard but nothing sounds, and kontakt displays a missing files message (see image 2 and 3 from the attachments).

I've tried doing a batch resave but it's the same. Would anyone using studio strings core be able to let me know if they are able to load up all of the articulations? My studio strings folder properties states that it contains 804 files and 22 folders- would anyone be able to let me know if I'm missing anything? Many thanks in advance!


'Missing' articulations in just the Extended Techniques section alone:

violins 1, decorative techniques- both tremolo measured articulations (x2)

violins 2, decorative techniques, all four tremolo measured (x4)

violas, dec. techniques; long CS sul pont, all six tremolo measured (x6), trill major third, trill minor third, trill perfect 4th, FX6 hairpin

celli, core techniques, short harmonics (notes in blue on keyboard, but missing file message appears)

celli, dec. techniques, both tremolo measured articulations (x2)

celli, FX; fx4, fx5, fx7, fx9, fx10

basses, core techniques: long CS, long sul C, short spiccato CS, short brushed, short brushed CS

basses, dec. techniques; long CS sul pont, long CS blend, six of the tremolo articulations (x6), trill major 3rd, trill minor third, trill perfect 4th, FX6 hairpin 

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    Hi @RJH

    Thanks for the screenshots. You are not missing articulations, rather, these are 'placeholders' where that articulation may exist in another preset. It's unique to this library in order to create more consistent Keyswitching between patches, but we have not programmed like this since because it caused a lot of confusion!


  • Hi @Angus, thanks for your reply. Okay, I understand that is a mapping issue, thanks for clearing that part up. However I am still missing the files for one articulation- celli, short harmonics. I replied to your email via the ticket about this issue. I get a kontakt message stating that 72 files for celli short harmonics are missing. The keyboard within kontakt displays the notes that should be available in blue, but no sound occurs, seemingly because the files are absent.

  • I'm also missing these. But if it's a "placeholder" it's a little confusing for the user, as it tells you samples are missing, and you don't know where the actual sounds are, as it doesn't say... But now i've found the patch which contains short harmonics (celli 6 core techniques) they don't load in there either.

    So it's definitely missing samples