Studio Strings-Legato destroyed by modwheel?


I am just working on a string peace with lots of legato transitions on the lead voice. When I started creating the lane in cubase all sounded well, I overlapped the endings and adjusted the "pre-delay". So timing was correct and nice legato transitions appeared... but then i added the modwheel (cc1) data for dynamics and it seemed to have killed at least 50% of my legatos.

Is legato transitioning somehow connected to the cc1 data? After removing the cc1 data - it sounded as before 🤨

Thanks - and have a nice transition to 2022


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  • Angus
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    Hi @Heiko

    Only dynamics should be connected by default to CC1. You may find if you have Modulation and MIDI CC information in the automation lane- this might be clashing, causing the sound to dropout.


  • Hey @Angus ,

    thanks for the Answer - but I am not sure if it is connected to my question ;). Maybe I misformulated it a bit - i am just using modwheel - and it is stored as cc1 data (this is default behaviour) - but it sounds like the legato is kind of affected when modwheel is used /cc1 value changes during note is played.

  • @Heiko Hmm okay, I've created a ticket for you so we can investigate this a bit further