CDT C1 Guitars - Picked... How to turn off "humanizing"

Hey all hope you're well, my first post here, nice to join a new community!

I can't for the life of me work out where the settings are hidden to turn off the round robin humanizing, unless it's embedded into the samples through poor recording. Surely it wouldn't be intentional to make the notes out of time? Very annoying if so!

I've tried the sandbox in kontakt, but there are no humanizing settings enabled in any of the round robins. When turning round robins OFF the awful note delay goes, but then you get the machine gun affect.

Any idea or will i just have to find a similar and better recorded preset?


  • Hi @Michael_Dow1986

    There is no way of limiting RRs other than to crack open the instrument backend and remove any samples you do not like, and stretching down other samples in their place. If you do end up doing that, I'd recommend renaming the instrument beforehand so you do not accidentally save over the original patch incase you need to revert back.

    Another option here could be to isolate the Soft and Loud Layers, as the softer "Textures" layer has more of a delay if playing straight chords or notes.