BBCSO Pro: Removing mic positions to save space — suggestions?

Hi All,

I've just spoiled myself for Christmas with the BBCSO Pro upgrade. I'd like to remove some mic positions to save a bit of space (I'll back them up on my external, in case I want them for mixes) and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions? I'd like to keep a core set of mics that can give me a range of sounds, from intimate to more full, but I rarely need a really "epic" kind of sound, since this set-up will be more composition focused than production. (Also, over the years I've become a bit of Altiverb ninja, so I have techniques for opening up bigger spaces in a pinch!)

To be clear, I do "get" that the mic positions are part of the point of Pro, but this is a laptop composition rig, so I really do want to offload the more "luxury" options for now! :) Also, a big part of my choice to upgrade was for the "leaders"/solo instruments.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.