How to create a "creepy" brass line?

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Hi all,

I want to know if any of you can tell me how to create a Brass line that is "creepy".

It's almost like the note is held and the pitch goes slightly up or down.

An example of it would be the high brass at the very beginning here:

And also here at around 9:00:

Thanks for your help!


  • Tundra has some techniques that are similar to that, but not exactly the same.

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    @Axel it sounds to me that at the point you reference, there is a combo of Celli and Bassoons, followed by Bassoons only, then combined Bassoons with Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet. This is all achievable with BBC SO, Studio Orchestra, or SSO, but you should also check out Bernard Hermann Toolkit, which has many of these combo ensembles.