BBCSO, Abbey Road 1, and Albion 1.

I own BBCSO and Abbey Road 1. Albion 1 is on Sale. Am I getting that much more if I purchase it?

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  • Justin
    edited December 2021

    If you already have BBCSO Core or Pro, and Abbey Road One, I would recommend branching out towards something different. Albion One is a similar size orchestra as BBCSO and AR1, just recorded in a different space (AIR Lyndhurst instead of Maida Vale and Abbey Road Studio 1).

    You do get the extra stuff that Angus mentioned, so you have to decide whether that is enough to make it worth it for you.

    But with the Winter sale coming up starting on the 25th, there may be other libraries that would be a better addition for you. Albion Neo or Chamber Strings will give you a smaller, more intimate string section. Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions, or another of the Evo libraries, will give you unique textural articulations. Albion Tundra has some gorgeous softer sounds. And many others are great options which will inspire you.

    The Winter sale also usually has two special bundles, each with a few libraries at a very heavy discount (60%+ off).

    I would see what the sale offers before making your final choice. Albion One will still be 40% off until the end of the month anyways if you decide to go with that.