Abbey Road Two: Live Performance Quintet

Hi guys-

Quick question - I was interested in setting up a patch that has the entire string section mapped out in live performance mode, though it seems like only the individual instruments have this setting, not the ensemble patches.

Is there any disadvantage to manually loading 5 instances of the plugin to play all Live Performance patches at once, instead of using the built in ensemble feature?

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    Hi @mrzackzadek

    There is no "Live" preset in the Ensemble, as including this technique would have made that preset very large (and therefore CPU heavy). The workaround here would be to create four separate tracks with the Live presets for the individual instruments, and then sum these together in a folder track that enables them to all be played simultaneously. 3rd party software such as Unify and Vienna Ensemble Pro will also allow you to do this.

    Another workaround, and something that would create a more realistic result, would be to invest in an expression pedal, that allows you to control Dynamics and Expression with one foot, and sustain with the other.


  • raal
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    FWIW i understand the Spitfire dedicated plugin might be a bit CPU intensive so instantiating a number of them might be an issue. I'm also interested in seeing the answer to this, as i'm about to pull the trigger on AR2!

  • I can confirm that using Unify with multiple instantiated Abbey Road Two works well. I'm running an i9-9900k mac with 64G of RAM, fwiw.