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In Albion One, after an update and also included within Albion Solstice, Studio Brass, Strings, and Woodwinds, on certain articulations you have the ability to have the instruments play in rhythmic ostinato, either has single notes or chords, is it not something that could be included within Abbey Road One (and even Two), yes I am aware the libraries mentioned utilise Native Instruments full version of Kontakt, but could a similar system be added to the Abbey Road standalone (and even the BBC Symphony Orchestra), if possible.

Yes, it's easy enough to create manual ostinato, but when you are working to a schedule or working on ideas, having this ability to test the ostinato waters, is immeasurably helpful.

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    Hi @brillstereo

    The Ostinatum engine used in Kontakt is not a feature of the BBCSO and AR range, but I'm happy to pass your feedback onto the team.


  • brillstereo
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    Angus, thanks for getting back to me, something like the Ostinatum engine that I believe EastWest do with there Hollywood Orchestrator might be worth a look, though it I believe deals with preset stylised templates, whereas I prefer something that can be created from scratch - ie not generic to a certain theme… we don’t need another Mars bringer of war ostinatum motif hidden in another composition…