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I ran into a strange problem today (at least for me).

I want to automate the "variation" in LCO -Textures. But it turned out that I was not able to do that. I tried to associate "variation" with my keyboard the usual way, but it won't recognize it.

Maybe you can't do it because "variation" determines at which point in the sample the playback starts?

If that is the case can anyone think of a way to start chords with different values to "variation"? As it is now I have to use the same value to "variation" every time, unless I make a new track. A rather clumsy solution. Anyone think of of better one?



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  • Hello!

    Thank you. It seems to be rather odd. I am working with Texture Grid - Plum Delays.

    It is assigned CC #2 and there is no way I can change that or assign it to a fader.

    In "Aurora Borealis" variation is CC #16 and there I can change it. Maybe it is different for different groups within LCO-Textures???

    Hope this maybe helps to shed some light at the question.

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  • I just checked that patch on my copy of LCO Textures. The variation slider is set to CC#2 and I was able to remove that and assign a different CC with no issues.

    Spitfire support should be able to help you out to figure out what is going on.