Abbey Road 2 Reverb Resets on Bounce in Logic

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I'm loving the Abbey Road 2 sounds and am just getting to know the library. I was attempting to bounce the same project with a variety of mic positions and reverbs to see what I like best. When bouncing in Logic, the reverbs always reverted back to the 1 second reverb no matter which one I selected. It would play back just fine, but the bounce caused it to revert. I'm sure it's operator error. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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    Hi @Donald

    We've already picked up on this issue, and I have created a ticket for you so you can be notified when an update is made.


  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Any updates?

  • It’s April 2023 now and I’m experiencing the same issue in Logic as mentioned in December 2021. Does that mean the problem is not solved yet? Or am I one the only one who still has this issue? It’s a terribly annoying bug for someone who tends to bounce every single day, and for a plugin this expensive. Is there a solution or a workaround?