Optimal machine for full pro BBCSO

-- Update: ---

I just realized that before I upgraded my disk and memory, I had changed some of the memory defaults in the plugin, like memory mapping. With a fast SSD, I no longer need those settings, and so I've improved start times quite a bit, and I'm only using half my memory.

Still, if anyone has any further advice to offer it will be gratefully received.

-- Original: ---

The BBCSO Pro VST is one of the most beautiful pieces of tech I've ever used, but in terms of PC requirements, it's a beast. The best solution seems to be to break down each composition into more manageable layers, but I would prefer to not have to do that.

I upgraded to 64Gb of RAM, and yet it takes a full 10 minutes to load my project into memory into FL Studio, even though I'm storing the data on an SSD 970 EVO Plus, 1TB, with data read speeds around 3500MB/s.

I am sure there are some pros, or semi-pros here who have invested in building a machine so their DAW can handle large projects. So I'm looking for advice on how I could build and optimize a system specifically for this plugin.

Right now I'm using about 20 mics (one per choir or instrument), but I want to start using more. I'm guessing I could improve matters by:

1) Upgrading to a motherboard that supports support PCIE4 and the latest SSDs with 7000MB/s+ reads.

2) Upgrading to the latest consumer-grade CPU.

3) Upgrading to 128GB or 256GB RAM (with high clock speeds)

This is obviously a big investment, especially with certain components being hard to find, I'm wondering if this is a good route, or there are some things I haven't considered?


  • I only have Core, but after installing (and updating) there shows up an "OPTIMIZE" option, which I hit immediately and waited a few minutes for it to do it's thing (took a while!). But now the load times are actually quite decent, even on my sub-optimal PC.

    The first step is really to rather check your settings and usage approach, like throwing out all articulations and only add those you know you need. You can always add more later.

    But I'm always curious regarding good hardware suggestions, thus I'll keep an eye on this thread! 🤓👍️

  • A slightly off-topic word from the foolish about RAM usage with the Samsung SSDs: if you have the Samsung Magician installed and the RAPID mode turned on, it can use around 4GB of your RAM. I bugged @Angus for a while last year trying to figure out why BBCSO was running at multiple gigs more than advertised. Turns out it wasn't.