BBCSO Pro Relocation Issues

Hey everyone,

I recently added Abbey Road Two Iconic Strings to my collection which necessitated some hard drive reorganization. BBCSO has been giving me nothing but problems since trying to relocate to a new drive. I've been told via the Spitfire App that the relocations were successful, but all instances of BBCSO in a project cannot find the content and give me an error. When attempting to repair the libraries, I'm told the paths are invalid. When I try to reset (and install via HDD), the app starts to download the entire library again (a task my internet connection and its data cap is definitely not suited for).

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this? Attached is a screenshot of the current state of BBCSO in the Spitfire App. I've created a ticket, but haven't had a response as of yet. Just hoping to get a head-start here.


  • Hi @becolossal

    It appears you may have Reset the Entire library instead of repaired. If you have changed the location of the library, you can fix this with "Locate". I have set the BBCSO library to "installed" for you.

  • I experience constant loss of access, when working from another computer with external drive. Does BBCSO allow multiple computers? If so - is it a bug? I have all kinds of errors - have reinstalled, repaired, reset multiple times according to the information / guidance. I am reaching the point where I will probably give up.