How to fix Error 2? - Windows

I followed the "How to Update BBC Symphony Orchestra" video on the Spitfire Audio Clips youtube channel, but sadly no such luck with getting the issue sorted.

I took a look at the log files and it's a bunch of

[15 Dec 2021 20:21:02.617] (tid:000042e0) "BBC Symphony Orchestra" : preset not supported by this version : C:\Users\AndrewBlane\Spitfire\Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra\Presets\v1.5.0\Discover Woodwinds\BBCSODi_Piccolo_All.zpreset : plugin=BBC Symphony Orchestra : min=1.3.3

errors, but with all the different plugins.

I followed the tutorial video for the "error 2" section, but no luck.

I went to the "C:\Users\AndrewBlane\Spitfire\Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra" file path and renamed the "Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra" folder to have " old" at the end of it, and then reset both BBCSO Discover, and BBCSO Plugin components for the BBCSO, and then I re-scanned all plugins in my DAW, but still no luck sadly.

Any ideas?

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  • "preset not supported by this version" makes it seem that the plugin thinks you're trying to use new instrument presets, with an old plugin. Because you said you've updated the plugin, I think it's maybe a glitch. I'd try following the directory path to find the plugin, and the presets, delete both, then redownload them and repair it all? If that doesn't work, I'm not sure what you can do, so I hope Spitfire support can help! I'd recommend putting a ticket in with them.

  • I deleted all instances of the BBCSO plugins from my computer in every location I could find them, and it's FIXED! \o/

    Thank you very much for the assistance, it's great to be able to use it all again!

  • I had the same issue, and doing a search for BBCSO in every directory that was even vaguely related to VSTs fixed the problem after a repair.

  • Thank you! I installed in a diferent location, too. Im grateful for your help. Greetings from Guatemala.