How to Clean Up Your Orchestral Scores with Pre Delay

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In this tutorial, I discuss how you can use Logic's Delay function to sharpen up your orchestral mock-ups.


  • Sick tutorial @Angus — I'm going to tighten the hell out of my compositions! ?

  • Such a great tip! I had been dragging my notes slightly to the left to accomplish the same task. This process will save so much time. Thanks for the educational support, Spitfire and @Angus !

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  • Great tip! Loved the bite size length of the tutorial.

  • Thanks @Marco and @Donald- do make sure you subscribe to Spitfire Audio Clips, as we'll be adding more of this bitesized content in the future!

  • Thanks @Marco and @Donald- do make sure you subscribe to Spitfire Audio Clips, as we'll be adding more of this bitesized content in the future!

  • Love the length of the tutorial, Angus!

  • @Angus thank you for making these short to the point clips, they are amazing. i am already subscribed but just wanted to voice my praise here.

    also, angus has helped me a few times in the customer service department and his support is excellent!

  • @Epic Sax Guy do you play sax? That's my horn too...tenor mostly, but woodwinds in general.

    On the topic...thanks @Angus! This helped a ton.

  • Great tip. I've been teaching myself Logic in tiny bits "as I needed something" and there are lots of these little operations and features that are hiding in there that, due to my approach, I'm not aware of. Good to know about this one, as I was also manually moving notes forward when necessary.

  • Is there a similiar function in Cubase? Would be life saver xD

  • Can i use the same delaytime if i use different articulations on the same track?

  • The delay used may vary between articulations. AFAIK you cannot automate the delay on a track in Cubase or Logic, so the best thing to do here would be to use separate tracks for different articulations.

  • Hi Angus

    Really liked the video. have been watching a lot from spitfire on YouTube, everything very helpful, but hadn't come across the clips so good to the know there are shorts like this with tips.

    thanks Peter

  • So I went through my BBCSO Core template and tried cleaning up every track with pre-delay. I am just looking for some other people's numbers to see if I'm in the general ballpark for these. I've never done this before and have always used tracks without pre-delay and just ignored the metronome.

    Would anyone be willing to show me the numbers they've been using for these same articulations? Again, I'm just looking for estimates since I don't have a trained ear for this yet.

  • Perfectly explained @Angus! To those interested, I've created a shared Google sheet with a bunch of the delay values for many libraries. It's a work in progress and I have several others who have entered some numbers as well. I have all the Spitfire Symphonic libraries entered but still have to do the Albion's and several of the others.

  • Love this! I've seen the one David posted as well, but the delay marks for BBCSO aren't fully filled out and the ones I've tried are a bit off. I'll try yours soon gregoryd. Thanks!

  • Please know, I went by ear not by the rendered audio like you're supposed to. Also the legatos are based on the transition not the staccato attack of the first note, so the first note of a phrase will be very early! I tried adding to that spreadsheet, but I don't think I ever got privileges to edit info.