Spitfire percussion in Ableton drum rack

For those that own a Push device it is very useful to set up a drum rack to play percussion on each pad of the Push. Push also has a built in sequencer that you can then use to set up any percussion midi clips for use in your composition. I have set up several drum racks for percussive instruments from Abbey Road, BBCSO, Aperture the stack and Labs.

Here’s a short description how:

. Create a midi track in Live with a drum rack

. In the first chain put in a Komplete Kontrol plugin

. In the KK, select a Spitfire library. If the library is not set up with NKS, then add the library to KK using the KK file menu.

. For each of the rest of the chains (one chain needed for each percussive keystroke instrument), add an Ableton External Instrument plugin. This way you use less memory as you only need the Spitfire library in the first chain via the KK plugin.

. In each chain set the Push pad trigger key and the key to be played for the library percussive sound.

. also in the ext instrument plug in set the first midi to drop down box to the named track holding the drum rack and the second drop down to the Komplete Kontrol plugin. Set the audio from to the appropriate channel.

The easiest way once you have one ext instrument chain set up and tested that it is producing sound then just duplicate it and change the key references to the next percussive key.

you now should have lit keys on the Push, one for each percussive instrument in the loaded library. Save the drum rack as you can use it for other libraries simply by changing the KK loaded library in the first chain.

hopefully you can follow this. I can post some screen shots if anyone is interested.

Happy Push drumming.