Anyone got Soundtoys, Logic and non Rosetta Spitfire BETA working on Monterey?

Hi All,

I got a new MBP that runs Monterey. Very happy with all the main Spitfire Sample integration and now moving onto the BETA products that I own - BT Phobos and Spectrum. I've followed the BETA advice but can't get them to work because I have plugins from Soundtoys that still need Rosetta to function.

2 questions:

Is there a current workaround anyone knows for running the BETA samples in Rosetta?

When the BETA apps get released, is there a chance they will work with Rosetta like the other samples do or will I have to wait until all my plugins operate in Universal mode?




  • I put in a ticket and they helped me solve it. Just had to put the Spitfire app back in Rosetta mode and Repair all the libraries. Works fine now.

  • Hi @Stuart

    If you need to run our products in Rosetta, you can do so by putting the Spitfire App into Rosetta mode and repairing any libraries you have installed, or installing any that are not.