Why is the Audio Cutting Out?

High there guys.

I wanted to know why my audio cuts out when I'm using Albion V Tundra? I'm talking the bowed strings. Is it RAM or CPU? RAM I have 16 GIG. CPU I have a 6 core I7 9750H which is a high end.

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed here.


  • Hi,

    Which DAW do you use? Do you notice high CPU and RAM usage when loading/playing this preset (check Task Manager if on Windows)? Do you have a lot of tracks playing at the same time? What kind of hard drive do you store your samples on? What kind of sound card do you use (internal, USB, PCI-E, etc)? Do you have other sample libraries (i.e. similar in size) that work well?

    There are several factors that can affect audio performance.

    1. Sample buffer size too small
    2. The hard drive is too slow (mechanical drive)
    3. All the samples haven't loaded fully yet
    4. There's a bottleneck or conflict somewhere else in your system
    5. A combination of the above

    I experienced dropouts with BBC SO Core and found that my sample buffer size and hard drive played a part, but every system is unique, so you need to figure out what's causing the dropouts in your particular system.

    All the best