Hermode Tuning Capability

Hi Spitfire

I would like to understand what is required to utilise Hermode Tuning using your libraries. Please refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WKKZp5D1h4

Can you advise if this is actually a (Kontakt/Spitfire) player issue, does VEPro need to support it as well? Has anyone used it successfully with your libraries?

I believe this is an important facet of a creating a realistic sounding orchestral sound using VST instruments. I get a bit tired of hearing sharp major thirds and flat minor thirds all the time, especially when they are the highest note.

Has anyone had any success with Kontakt player or the Spitfire player?



  • Hey James,

    In Kontakt you can use the internal script named "Dynamic Pure Tuning" which is available in Kontakt Full, this is great and I use it all the time (mainly on Brass - it's not really ideal on Strings/Winds in my opinion!). Currently Spitfire Player does not support this functionality within a DAW, however it is a noted feature request and logged with the team.

    I'm in complete agreement that this feature is very important when it comes to realism. However there is one potential drawback to be aware of if you do use this in Kontakt. The samples have to be very VERY consistently tuned, as any fluctuation in pitch quickly becomes more apparent and unusable.


  • Luke

    I only just saw this message - one year late!

    Thanks for the response. I will have a look into this sometime over the next month or so.

    Thanks again


  • Hi Luke!

    Is there any update on the timeline of tuning capabilities of the SF player? atm I've been re-sampling my non-Kontakt brass into K6 just to retune it, it's very time-consuming and native tuning in the player would be greatly appreciated!




  • Have you tried automating the plugin's "global tune" parameter to adjust tuning on the fly? It's a bit manual still, but would surely be easier than re-sampling? (You'd need to split multiple voices into different tracks, though, admittedly.)

  • That would be far more time consuming than resampling really. When SF add the functionality in the future it will be great, but doing it manually really isn't feasible. Limited MIDI standards make automating the gain and tune parameter of the player very inprecise too.


  • Ah - I've just realised your resampling approach is less fiddly as I thought, since the I guess you're using your DAW's sampler(?) which will accept its host's tuning messages. I thought you were having to tune the samples yourself! So yes, that would be easier.

    In terms of precision, though: the pitch bend controller value has 14 bits to span 4 semitones (+/-2) by default, so that's a resolution of 0.024 cents (4x100 / 2^14)... surely that's more than precise enough? I know Logic Pro only displays 7-bit (i.e. -64 to +63, ~3 cents resolution) in the GUI, but you can still access the full resolution via the event list.

  • Not saying that the resampling process is quick, because it is tedious, but once in Kontakt, it's automatic tuning KSP just adjusts the temperament automatically when played. Having to split out chords to 3 or more tracks and then hand-tune each one is just too time-consuming really.

    and yes, I'm in Logic which explains why I've had trouble automating the plugin parameters precisely.