Abbey Road Two Not Loading For Me

Hi, I purchased Abbey Road Two professional. I started by downloading the (Resources) version. But when I try to open it I get Error #1. I've gone through the steps of Repair but still not working. It seems that the Presets and Patches folders only has an "empty" file.


  • Yeah this has been my problem too. It won't load in Komplete Kontrol but will load in standalone and in my DAW.

  • You know what I think it is we are just the composers that SPA wants to hide from doing reviews on youtube so we don't make AR2 look bad....😉

  • Also the other thing that's not working for me is that with AR2 the sounds seem to favor the left side...

  • Hi @CJ

    There are two elements that need to be installed in order to avoid any errors for Iconic Strings (Core). Make sure you have installed both.

    @Omni_chromatic Have you quit and restarted Komplete Kontrol since installing the library and plugin? New plugins only open when the App is rescanned. If the library is still not loading, I'd encourage you to contact Native Instruments support, as this will be an issue with KK.

    Additionally, it is worth noting that ART Iconic Strings is recorded in-situ. So the Violins will naturally sit on the left, bass in the centre, and Viola and Cello on the right. You will need to rebalance your pan pots, or convert the plugin to Mono if you want everything to sit centrally.

    You are more than welcome to do a review of the product, but if you encounter any problems beforehand, I'd encourage you to contact support to double check that issues have not been caused by user error:

  • I'm running into a variety of issues with the VST plugin version of Abbey Road Two:

    1) ignoring my original legato keyswitch set at the beginning of my phrase and deciding to play a short articulation over my longer notes, and

    2) Randomly voicing only a single note from what is a 4 part passage from beginning to end.

    I'm also surprised by how much CPU it is eating up - I barely get by on a blank project with a single AR2 track just trying to get this to work normally so I can become better acquainted with it.

    Would (and should) there be a difference in using the Kontakt version? I would think that lengthens the distance between two points even further. I've fallen so far behind on the project I purchased this set for in the first place!

    Thanks for listening!

    Abraham Music Project

  • Hi @A_M_P

    Are you sure you are not using a high velocity on the Performance Legato? This will trigger the Staccato overlay- so you should reduce the velocity of the note if this is the case.

    No.2 combined with the CPU overloads you are experiencing sounds like you might be maxing out your system. I'd ensure that you have the library on an external SSD correctly formatted to your OS, and you have also tried increasing the Sample Buffer Rate in your DAW to at least 512.

  • I saw this late but thanks @Angus! I got it sorted and it's a great library.