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Following the worldwide success of Abbey Road One: Film Scoring Selections, Abbey Road Studios has welcomed Spitfire Audio into the most famous recording studio in the world, Studio Two, to capture a very special string sound for the first time ever.

The scene of legendary recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Adele, Ella Fitzgerald, Oasis and many more, Studio Two has been at the centre of popular music, as well as film, TV and game scores, since it first opened its doors in 1931.

Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings captures five of the world’s best players, recorded by GRAMMY-winning engineer Sam Okell (The Beatles - Remastered) using a mouth-watering array of microphones and recording equipment from the studio’s unparalleled collection. With stunningly realistic legatos, fully-configurable ensembles and two editions to choose from, Iconic Strings puts the most sought-after string sound in music history in the hands of composers worldwide.

Learn more: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/abbey-road-two/



  • Is there an upgrade discount for AROOF owners?

  • Do AR2 IS Pro owners have access to the Core version ?


  • Angus
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    @bnsrowe No, as there is no shared sample material between the two. These are entirely new libraries and unrelated to our Abbey Road ONE range. We have an additional discount for owners of Intimate Strings to help customers who want to make that next step into Pro Samples.

    @Tarek Yes, as with BBCSO Pro, if you own Pro you get Core too. There is a crossgrade discount from Core to Pro if you want to make the leap in the future.

  • @Angus ,

    That's great !

    Thanks for the helpful feedback.

  • Question: If someone were to purchase the Core edition, do they later have the option to upgrade to the Professional edition for just the price difference? Much like the option to upgrade to Pro from Core with BBCSO.

    I looked for an answer to this in the release notes, but couldn't find it. I apologize if this question was answered elsewhere.

  • Hi @Jonathan

    The answer is in Angus's reply above.

    "There is a crossgrade discount from Core to Pro if you want to make the leap in the future."



  • Hah, thanks! That sentence seems to have been added in an edit, it wasn't there the first time I read his reply.

  • Khkommonen
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    The special discount for Intimate Strings owners is kind, but as a Solo Strings owner, I see the AR2 as the upgrade to SS in your own player I have been waiting for... so I would wish very very much to see a special price also extended to SS owners, so that they could upgrade to AR2 for, say, 100 eur. Please think about it.

  • joshua
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    excellent work. this library sounds great!

  • Amazing! Hope to get my hands on it soon! Perfect for psychedelic rock

  • Just want to clarify my comment above. Iconic Strings and Iconic Strings Professional come with two separate "resources" installs. So it won't look like the BBCSO downloads with a "Core" version. This is so, unlike BBCSO, you do not need to download the same samples twice.

    It should also be noted that there is no Mode Switching in this library as there is no benefit to running only the Core version (due to the lower number of Legatos) other than to save on HD space.

  • @Khkommonen I can understand where you are coming from, but it is important to understand that Solo Strings and Iconic Strings Strings are completely different products.

    If we reframe this with the mobile phone market, if a new version of a phone you own is released, you do not automatically qualify for a discount on the new model. You certainly, in this case, would not be able to qualify for a discount on a new Apple iPhone if you previously owned a Samsung. The latter analogy is the nature of these two products, although under the same company name, they are entirely different lines.

    That said, we often have feedback regarding "Loyalty Discounts" and this is something the Customer Experience team often bring up with our Marketing Team.

  • I understand what you are saying, but anyway, please consider this :)

  • A loyalty discount would be highly appreciated. I own 7 Spitfire libraries dedicated to strings (scs, studio strings pro, solo strings, symphonic evo, lco, oa evo, oa chamber evo, and evo3) and I still think I need AR2…

  • This library is an absolute gem!

    I have been really hoping for something like this: An expressive, detailed, intimated, dry and close up quintet sound, with performance legati finally on viola and double bass too. And the signal chain used… 🤯

    Couldn’t help not having a go at recreating the Eleanor Rigby arrangement here:

    Someone had to do it :)

    One thing that stopped me from going for the pro version isn’t so much the price, but the huge amount of hard drive space required to install.

    I really wish there was a way to customise the installation content. Or a ‘middle ground’ version with all the extra slurs and articulations but not necessarily every single mic position (only an extra C T A +1 mics perhaps?) to make it more manageable.

    Just a thought.

  • Has anyone else tried layering this with the string sections from Orchestral Foundations? It sounds marvelous!

  • Anyone know if there's a way to control bowing technique? Maybe a bow reset or something like that? I'm struggling with rebows in the middle or toward the end of fairly short notes.

  • Basically, you would love to see SpitFire [I know I would] do similar to what OrchestralTools does for their libraries and instruments, within said library.

  • Angus
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    @clazar there is a lot of space within the reverb rebow, but if the piece is quite slow, I'd recommend repeating the note with a low velocity to suit your piece, which will almost be like a faux rebow

  • Nice work on the Eleanor Rigby arrangement. Care to share the midi file with the Spitfire Audio community here?

  • Love the library, however it would have been nice to include a total performance patch for violin, Viola and cello like in Solo strings. Maybe we can hope for a update.

  • I agree with Teo, I'd probably pick up a version that includes the extra legatos, but the amount of hard drive space just for extra mics is pretty extreme which right now is why I don't really want to invest in the pro version but I would like to upgrade for the extra articulations

    Also I can't get keyswitches to work on either latch or toggle mode

  • Hi, thanks for the response. Although I'm not sure what you mean by a lot of space within the reverb... Are you suggesting using more reverb to mask the rebow? I was hoping for a more practical solution, such as more musical rebowing based on phrasing, note lengths, tempo, etc. Even on very long notes, and especially for solo instruments, I would think that musicians time their rebows in a more musical fashion, not so randomly. This is why I was asking if there was a way to control the rebows with a controller for bow resets or something similar.

    I suspect it's a matter of the how the legato engine handles sample triggering given that there are rebows on some relatively short notes with legato, but what do I know.

  • @clazar typo (d'oh!). Replace reverb with REBOW.

  • Too bad portamento is not included in the core version! Also in my case I would have to buy a new hard drive if I wanted the Pro version. I really like the sound, I wish as others pointed out it could be a bit more modular on the installation.

  • I agree with previous comments. Would like to have access to the additional articulations and portamento in the pro version but do not need 200Gb of extra mic options. It sounds great!

  • A serious wish would be that you do a chamber brass library in Studio 2. That would sound so beautiful and be so versatile for working with pop as well.

  • Also, can someone give me a run down of the microphones used on the violins? Thanks

  • So was literally about to purchase while it’s still on intro pricing and I noticed that I no longer can get it for $370 and the price is $399. Is there a reason the discount for owning intimate strings just disappeared!? Would still like to grab it but that is a big deterrent. I was saving up and down to the wire…

    a quick response would be much appreciated.

  • @Michael B. Oliva this issue has been fixed now, the promotional period will end today. Please reach out to our support team directly if you were unable to process a payment.