BBCSO Discovery Template (For use in 10.3.3 - Logic Pro)

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I suppose (Or hope ;) ) that I'm not the only one running on an older Mac Pro (2008 2.8 QC) and Logic Pro 10.3.3 (Due to OS limitations - El Capitan 10.11.6), so I thought now I have BBCSO Discovery installed thought I'd try the Template kindly provided here....But....

It (The Template) was created in 10.4.8 according to the Plist so get the warning that it was created in a newer version of Logic and some push to upgrade to a newer version of LP.

The Reverb won't load as it's not installed but just changed that to another default Logic one, the Icons are messed up but just reset them with the Custom ones.

But when I reopen the Template I still got the Warning! Not life threatening but annoying, so....

I opened a new blank Template, imported the Spitfire one, with Warning ; ) then just added everything in the right hand column, saved as a renamed Template and now don't get the warning when opening it.

I wanted to post in case anyone else has tried it and also wondered if there is something that still might not work properly?

As a complete newcomer to Logic any pointers would be appreciated, the only other thing I had to do was make sure the Chain icon was checked in the BBCSO plugin window so when I change channels/tracks in the mixer it changes the instrument accordingly.

If I am the only one here who is using an older system then this means nothing and hope one day someone might stumble across it looking for hope! : )



(Wasn't sure to put this here (LABS) or in the BBCSO Section, so please feel free to move if more appropriate.)