can not re install

I wanna re install my ALBION 2 and SACCONI QUAREET,but I got this information


  • It appears to me you have exhausted your reset opportunities. Frankly I would follow the instructions and contact support.👍️

  • Sarah
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    Hi @Blaireko - yes, please Submit a request so we can assist you.

  • Where is the " Submit " ? By my Email? to whom ? thank u very much.

  • Sarah has linked to the page with the form for you, just click on the words "Submit a request" in the post.

    But for the benefit of anyone else having the same/simlar issues and missing that:

    Spitfire website menu - Help - Top right corner - Submit a request

  • 😅😅GOT IT!!! so sorry i didn`t see !!

  • i had a resetting from spitfire and Downloaded,but i got a new problem~ T__T

  • Justin
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    Go to the preferences for Native Access (click on the user icon at the top right, then "Preferences").

    Make sure that the "Content location" folder is set to the parent folder of the library. In your case, it would be "C:/Program Files/VstPlugins".

  • still the same T__T ,and now I move my whole spitfire LAB into a foldar together,and only ALBION 2 (Spitfire Loegria library ) can not be access T_T