VAT Being Charged for non-UK based Company

Hello Spitfire

I have been going through my accounts and have realised that an additioanl VAT charge is being added to my orders. Since my company is not a UK based company, it is based in Australia, I should not be charged VAT.

I would like to request 2 things:

Firstly, a refund on tha VAT that was charged on all my purchases. Since I really like your samples I have purchased a lot of Spitfire intruments so this will be a largish amount.

Secondly, an update to your checkout process that allows non UK customers to purchase without being charged VAT.


James D'Arcy

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  • calebjtoth
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    Here's a relevant article from the help section of the main site.

    The TLDR is that Spitfire is legally required to charge VAT for their Australian customers (and some others, i.e. if you're from Russia) but you could possibly get a refund directly from the governing body that is in charge of VAT if you file.

  • Thanks @caleb_toth, your response is appreciated. I will see if I can get a refund here in Australia.

    After currency conversion and VAT the price never looks the same once I actually pay for it compared to what appears on my CC. I always expects it but it's always more than I would prefer.

    Kind regards



  • I think what it says is that they actually give you a discount on the product which balances out the VAT charged so you don't get charged extra.