Spectrum typeface missing?

Hi folks,

Here's a slightly odd one. I've bought the 'Spectrum' (Henrietta Smith-Rolla) library. All is working fine and dandy apart from one thing. The control parameter buttons (Attack/Delay/Release etc) are displaying lines of squares as if the VST is using a specialist typeface that I don't have installed. The buttons themselves, along with everything else in Spectrum, function just fine, just I can't read which one is which!

See attached picture. This is only happening with Spectrum and not with any of my other Spitfire products, nor with LABS.

Is there indeed a font missing (and if so, which one and I'll install it), or did something very minor go a bit awry with the install?

Thanks in advance of your help,


Weird, eh? 🤣

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    Hi @brucerimell - thanks for writing in! I've just created an email support ticket for you so that we can look into this. Stay tuned for an email from us!

  • brucerimell
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    Thanks Sarah. I'll wait to hear 😀