Where is Spitfire Audio storing what it thinks it installed?

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On Windows (11 if it matters), if I uninstall the program (3.3.18 if it matters) using add/remove programs, then delete the folder with settings (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Spitfire Audio), then delete the folder with content (under C:\Users\username\Spitfire), then ensure there's no dangling program folder (C:\Program Files\Spitfire Audio folder), in theory that's everything finally uninstalled.

At this point, if I reinstall the app, it STILL thinks there are some instruments installed, with broken installs.

So, that wasn't a fresh install as intended, and there was STILL some data hanging around somewhere. Where? In the Windows registry?

Where does Spitfire Audio store the knowledge that it has some instruments installed, that isn't those places mentioned above?

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    Hi @mlepage

    The Spitfire Audio App records installation to our server currently. So if you have installed on one PC, and move to another, the App will appear as if the libraries are already installed. We're currently looking into ways of enabling user authorisation.