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Hello there!

I think that there's quite a jump between BBC SO Core and Professional, and I believe there's room for users that want the string leaders, for instance, but not all the extra disk space and complexity that Professional offer, due to the many microphone signals and additional techniques available.

Therefore I suggest a plugin expansion for Core that could be named BBC SO String Leaders, based on the first chairs/leaders of the string section.

Alternatively an BBC SO Advanced edition that would sit comfortably between Core and Professional. The proposed additions over Core are said string leaders, and possibly a slimmer microphone offering (three carefully selected, for an example). Advanced could feature the same amount of techniques that Core currently offer.

BBC SO Advanced (or String Leaders) would make a great addition to the BBC SO line, in my humble opinion, as it would offer users a sensible step up from Core without having to take the leap to Professional.

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  • Yes please Spitfire.

  • This has already been discussed in this forum, and the answer from the SA team is always the same (and, IMO, it makes sense): "It would not be fair for the people who already invested on Pro to offer a mid pro alternative, so it will never happen".

  • eXode
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    I disagree with that reasoning, mainly because if you apply that type of thinking you halt progress.

    Example: If a user bought Albion ONE two weeks before Abbey Road One was released and realize that AR1 would better suit their needs. That person might have limited financial possibility to buy both, etc. TL;DR Life isn't fair.

    While I might accept the reasoning regarding a potential Advanced verison, I still believe that there's room for a BBC SO String Leaders product. However, the newly announced Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings seem to fill that space quite nicely.

  • crocodilerocker
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    The biggest problem with Pro for me is not the cost of the upgrade, but the cost of an external SSD. All I want from the upgrade is the string leaders and a few low reeds, and having to fork out an extra £200 just to use a Cor Anglais is...well, a pain.

    Perhaps a solution would be the option for a 'lite' installation without the extra microphone positions.

  • Concerning this:

    As a BBC Pro user myself I would really enjoy a advanced version which is only about 120gb. It would be great for a mobile laptop setup for example. And the fairness aspect concerning Pro Users doesn't really count since they released BBC Core half a year after Pro🤷‍♂️

  • Thanks for the feedback all. There are currently no plans to add content that is only available in Pro to Core, but we certainly have some new features to update in 2022. Since this post was made prior, I can now suggest a good alternative for Core users who want Solo Strings is Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings!

  • I do hope one of those features is a 'lite' installation option - will definitely buy then!

  • It's cool to hear that there's still content coming to the BBC! I just hope that some of that content is a fix for the Violins 1 & 2 Spiccato and Staccato.

  • @Francisco we do have some fixes planned for the techniques you mention but they are very specific fixes. If you are discussing the techniques 'generally' (i.e. they need re-recording) this is something that will not happen. But if you are referring to specific issues (e.g. this note has an odd sample) I'd recommend reaching out to our team at to double check it has been reported.

    By reporting the issue, you ensure that it has been logged and we will also prioritise the issues that the most amount of customers have reported. Additionally, you'll also be notified as soon as the update is available.