After re-installing PC OS cannot find BBC SO in DAW

I have the external version of this software on the Spitfire SSD but since installing the DAW the software is not showing. Enclosed all the paths. The SSD is on the G drive. Thanks for any advice.

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  • Hi @kevinrhart

    Have you installed the library yet as per the instructional video on the disk?

  • kevinrhart
    edited December 2021

    Yes I NOW have seen video DUH. but am in the middle of downloading Strings. Is there a way I can stop this downloading and do as video says or just let it finish, The red exclamation mark shows on pro but not core and discover it seems with all instruments. It would be great if this can be done, thanks. PS. I can only find Discover and Core on my SSD, could I have inadvertently deleted the library? and if so what would the procedure be for re installing it?.

  • Hi Angus, any help would be great. I am presently downloading BBC SO Percussion and am hoping that this will remove the red exclamation mark, is this correct?.