Kawai VCP1

Hello to all,

I am considering upgrading to the VCP1 (for a variety of reasons, especially for 88 keys). From what I have read, the action seems to be similar to what I am looking for in a controller. I have a Kawai grand which I love. One of my concerns is the idea, expressed by several reviewers, that this sort of action is not best for working with virtual string instruments. I am hoping that any of you who are familiar with this controller and how it works with Spitfire libraries might offer your opinions/advice. Thanks very much for any input!

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  • I have a VPC1... the action is superb, it's arguably the best piano style controller available. I use it with virtual instruments all the time and (aside from synths and organ - if you do a Hammond smear on this you'll lose a sizable amount of skin!) it has never felt like it is constraining me

    As a midi controller you need to be aware that there are no pitch-bend or modulation wheels... you can replicate the latter with a small midi controller, but the former is much harder to replace. If you are using a library that needs pitch bend a smaller controller keyboard with a pitch bend (mini keys) that sits on top can help here, if you set your DAW to Omni recording.

  • Cyberoctopus,

    Thank you for your response.....and not pointing out my incorrect acronym!