BBCSO PRO Horns distorting and popping?

Hi all, as the subject states, I have french horns on a4 legato and a4 longs sfz playing (or sharing, rather,) a phrase and there is some 'vibrating' or distorting in places as well as some audio pops where the sound disappears for a split second, even in bounces.

Anyone experienced this?

What I've investigated:

-Neither of the two parts have dynamics or expression automation at 100% and the channel levels aren't popping either.

-I'm using a modified version of CH JJ Template 2.3.3

-I've rebooted as well. Still there.

-I'm running Logic, have 32gb RAM and my CPU isn't going above 10% so I'm not sure where else to look.

Any feedback is appreciated!


I discovered that it's only the legato horns that are causing this - and always at the same location.

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  • vincencus
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    There was modulation automation in the midi data which was causing the pops. Hope this helps someone.