What am I doing wrong?

I wrote a small string quartet part for one of my tracks and I applied BBCSO core one it thinking it would sound wonderful, but no matter what I tried, I still have the impression that the crappy synth from MuseScore sounded better :/

I included an audio extract for you to hear what I mean.

I played around with all parameters, but still the attack is super slow, everything feels kind of muddy and there is this "windy" noise in the background sometimes. I am probably doing something wrong, any idea what?


  • Hi John,

    Sounds like you should experiment with either expression/dynamics to smooth out the attacks of each note, or try different patches. These sounds are LONG patches, I think, and you they have the same attack, hence that muddy sound you're talking about.

    The legato patches work really well out of the box. The trick is to use these patches in combinations to get the exact articulations you're looking for.

    Good luck

  • Hey John,

    no matter how expensive any library may be and how wonderful the sounds, it's still an instrument and you have to learn to play it. Consider watching a few youtube videos from Paul and/or Christian to get a bit more of an idea how best to go about it. Check the "Spitfire Academy" for videos on Orchestral Programming, for example:

    Scroll down until you see "Orchestral Programming Day One" and so on...

    You will have a wonderful time with all of this, I'm sure. Give yourself a moment to dive into it all, but there is a whole world to discover for you full of wonder, honestly.