Ram for Abbey Road One

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Have I made a mistake buying AR One when I only have 16gb ram 2133MHz LPDR3, on a MacBook3.5ghz i7 dual core?

I spent weeks looking at reviews but only found the ram issue AFTER I pulled the trigger. A couple of videos I’ve seen are struggling with it on 64gb of ram!

I know there’s no refund if you download it so I need to know before I do.

was really exited yesterday and now feeling really gloomy. Was my Xmas present to myself.


  • well, i'm going to have to rethink everything. It's been so long since i bought any orchestral software - the last lot i bought was EastWest Gold - prob about 8 years ago. That ran fine on a Mac with 8gb ram. To think this new stuff requires at least 64gb of RAM has blown my mind. ah well. gutted. bye'

  • Hey! Sorry - I just saw your post. More RAM is always nice, but a decent in-between is freezing tracks while you're not actively editing them. It saves loads of RAM.

    Honestly, I think the dual core CPU is probably going to be the biggest problem, but again - if you're willing to freeze and unfreeze your tracks as you go, you should be able to scrape by.

    Hang in there and keep writing!

  • Antanasb
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    Well, you can’t escape the fact that new technology is becoming available and that companies are starting to utilise those resources.. If you want to use bleeding edge libraries with 5 dynamic layers, you should have a really powerful system. A macbook, especially dual core, is not designed for these tasks, despite all of the fancy marketing..

    it is possible build a good and really powerful PC nowadays really cheap. You can buy 32 gb ddr4 ram for less than 200€, 1 Tb really fast ssds can also be had for roughly the same amount. Which, still would be a bare minimum I think..

    Thus I would advise too look in to building a decent rig with performance in mind, as only then you will be able to utilise the library to it’s fullest.

    I am working on transitioning from my old laptop to a more powerful desktop myself. Still need to buy the m.2 ssd and extra ram to complete the transition.. Boring, but important things to sort out if you are serious about performance.

    Sadly, there is no way around this...

    Good luck sorting this!

  • Hi @jlw5150

    The advise above is unfortunately correct. You will be able to run Abbey Road One on your current set up, but with some limitations such as: purging any unused articulations you are not using, only sticking to one or two mic signals, and only having a small number of plugin instances per DAW session. You can also take action in your DAW, such as running a freezing and disabling tracks not in use.

    If you wish to run a big orchestral session with 40+ tracks, I would recommend at least 32GB+ and a minimum 8-Core CPU.

    Clearly, we don't make this information accessible enough on our site to avoid hardware purchase mistakes like this. So my question to you is, how can we make this clearer on our site?

  • Trying to find an affordable way of running it. I see there’s a few refurbished Mac places. How would Apple Mac Pro Intel Xeon 3.46 GHz 12 Core (2012) with 128gb ram fair? Can find a few if those with good warrantees for around a grand.