Issue With Shopping Cart/Pricing?

Hello, I am trying to upgrade to BBC Pro as well as purchase the "Complete Your Collection" for Abbey Road One. The Abbey Road One upgrade is supposed to be $171, but when I add both items to my cart the Abbey Road upgrade changes to $485.

When I remove BBC Pro ($330) from the cart, the Abbey Road price goes back down to $171. However, adding BBC Pro back in changes Abbey Road back up to $485. I would like to purchase both in the same order so I can qualify for Aperture: The Stack. Not sure what's going on.

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    Hi @Burglekutt

    Sorry I was slow to get to this. The issue you experienced was a known issue, and was resolved by ordering separately as you did. Our web team are looking into a resolution and we apologise for any inconvenience this caused.


  • Ok, I'm guessing what's happening is I can only get that 40% off on a single product, not my entire order. So, I'd have to choose between upgrading BBC or Abbey Road at the discounted rate. Is that correct?

    And, if I purchase one at the discounted rate, could I still purchase the other at the discounted rate in a separate order? Or it's one and done?

  • Ok it’s been resolved. Just had to purchase each upgrade separately.

  • Hello, so I have the same issue, buying separately will fix that, but if you buy separately you will still get the Aperture?


  • Yes - I bought each product separately, got the discounted price for both, and also received Aperture as a result. The Spitfire person I chatted with said you get Aperture if you spend up to or past the threshold for all purchases combined during the Black Weekend sale - they add up the total for all purchases, it doesn't have to all be in one order.