what are you buying for piano day sale?

i picked up orchestral grand as it had been on my list for a while now.


  • A question - it says offer ends 31st March - does that mean it will be available until the end of the day 31st March? Thinking about HZP as a payday treat.

  • Currently racking my brain over this right now!

    For so long I thought I wanted the OACT for the piano that everyone loves, but honestly combining the Firewood with the labs soft piano, or firewood with the originals felt produces great results too...

    So initially I was thinking OACT & the Stratus to have that corner of tone/vibe locked down.

    But now I'm kind of thinking the HZP & Hauschka toolkit would work very nicely together and also go really well with LCO textures...


  • Nothing.,... since I JUST payed full price on Orchestral Grand.

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  • if it were me in this predicament i would choose Hauschka and OACT. HZP is good but i use it less than the others mentioned.

  • joshua
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    i like it. a lot of people will point out it only has one dynamic layer, at which point i direct them to this video:


    bottom line, it fits into orchestral stuff better and quicker than the other pianos. this is obviously subjective as hell but, i dont mind paying 30 bucks for that brush in my collection.

  • Dude I was hoping you'd chime in because you have like all of these haha!

    Yeah I was curious, how do you like the other sounds in the OACT? Are they pretty usable?

    It's hard to say how they compare to all the great sounds in the SA Recordings libraries I have...

    I was thinking Hauschka & Stratus or OACT...

  • joshua
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    i actually use stratus more than oact and if you like the idea of the grid then go for it! i like it and use it a lot. i also like to make generative music with it because you can set the randomizer on the grid to randomize every few bars. so you can load up a few instances of it put some midi notes on a few channels in a loop and just listen to it play away. sometimes i will record it then chop out some bits. i understand a lot of people have no interest in making music this way but if that sounds interesting to anyone its pretty damn fun.

  • I'd probably jump on the Hans Zimmer Piano if I had the disk space for it. But it's just massive, and I already have so many pianos. I have Stratus and like it very much. I'm wavering between the Hauschka and Ólafur Arnalds toolkits. They look very similar in many ways. Can someone explain the differences, or recommend one or the other?

  • @Michael B. Oliva I have Hauschka...amazing!

    I'm super torn. I want Stratus and HZP...the OACT probably isn't my speed as amazing as it sounds. But Stratus with some processing...! And I don't have an amazing piano sample in my kitbag yet.

    Ugh...am I gonna end up buying both?

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    So with much thought I jumped on Hauschka and called it a day with that. Honestly the more I thought about it...I have tons of pianos from Pianobook for orchestral mixing which is what I'd use HZP for. & as interesting as stratus is I just don't really see myself making that kind of music. With all due respect, it's a bit...I dunno...hospital'ish to me haha. Same with the OACT. It's a beautiful sound, but perhaps just a bit too meditative for my tastes. I think I'm happy enough combining the originals pianos to my taste. I think for gentle sounds I'd vibe more with Tundra eventually.

    Downloading Hauschka now, and very excited to see what I'll be able to whip up with that, combined with LCO textures, as well as even my acoustic guitar and live drums...

    It's weird tho, for some reason I downloaded it in the spitfire player in 20 minutes, but now I typed in the serial code to Native Access and installing it for Kontakt and it's taking an hour and 40 minutes for 22 gb?

  • joshua
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    you just need to "locate the libary" no need to dl it from native access.

    after you type the serial locate the name of the library then hover over "install" and click "locate". the "locate" option pops up to the left of "install" after you hover over it

    congrats on Hauschka, its awesome!

  • Michael B. Oliva
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    Oh damn, I didn't realize that...haha! whoops

    Thank you! I thought something was strange about that...

    Damn, so if I've installed it through spitfire, & NI for LCO textures etc/other libraries...are they taking up double the space on my ssd?

  • I purchased Olafur Arnalds Stratus... so thanks for the kind discount Spitfire, much appreciated.

    Best Des

  • joshua
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    Probably. You will most likely have one set in your spitfire folder(check app to follow path) and one in your native instruments folder(check app and follow path)

  • Well since I already have every originals and OPW (which is a great library btw) and Orchestral Grand, I went with Stratus. I didn't feel like spending the money for Zimmer and I didn't need another regular piano and if I went with a prepared piano I would have gone with Hauschka probably. But I like stuff that can do more swarm type things and Stratus felt like a more useable and option than OA Toolkit.

    For what it's worth, I think the Orchestral Grand is a great instrument as well. It does exactly what they say it does, blends with an orchestra. But I've used I'm working on a project now where I'm using it along side BBC SO Pro with the string soloists for a 2-1-1-1 plus piano set up and if I can get the music right I think it will sound pretty good.

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    I was a big fan of Steinway. I have played many different models and was always satisfied with it's sound, timbre and feeling... One day I played a Bösendorfer and I really didn't like it's sound. Brrr.... so I was on the point with Steinway. This all on real concert grands!

    But than I could hear a software Version of a Bösendorfer at the Vienna Symphony Library. That changed my mind in the total opposite!

    So I got the Bösendorfer Imperial and I was blown away!!

    So i have to say sorry for the Spitfire 40%off because I'm done.

    But the Mrs Mills... it's a no brainer!

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...!

  • It's enough to make you cry. So close to the end. I just clicked on "Buy". The Hauschka Composer Toolkit is about to be downloaded. 😂

  • I picked up the Olafur Arnalds Composer Kit - The felt piano is a great upgrade from the Labs Soft Piano and far more versatile. It's reasonably easy on resources, very accessible via Kontakt Player (Although I would switch to the Spitfire App immediately if it becomes available) and offers lots of additional sound design and sample/synth presets to play around with too.