Eternity - Orchestral Music

Hey everyone!!

I released a new composition called "Eternity" I used the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions and the Contemporary Drama Toolkit. It would be nice to get some feedback, especially on the brass section!

Greetings and a wonderful Weekend



  • Beautiful! Very immersive. I liked the brass

  • Hey Juliano! By now I'm really looking forward for finding a new post of yours. Must be my "collector spirit", haha.

    I hope, you don't already dread seeing a reply from me, but know that I'm enjoying to think about what you've composed and produced.

    Some pieces of music require a certain mood to wanting to listen to them, others manage to draw you in, regardless as to what mood you're in. This one is a little more demanding, because it asks for patience, not quite putting any mysterious promises into the start of it. At some point the high playing Celli and/or Viola legatos come in, which kind of sound a bit synthetic, which I found mildly "unexpected" and a little dampening on the sensation. When they go down later, a lively quality returns to them.

    Gradually it wants to become more goosebumpy, but can't quite get there, because there are no surprises coming, musically, you know. At some point, I believe, you should want to tweak a bit on the harmonies, be that with added tension in the voicing, a slight sense of adventure with some harmonic dares, you know, something that slips under the skin a bit.

    The brass kind of hit things off balance in my opinion and their spatial treatment/nature pull one right out of the Æther, straight into some recording venue. I could imagine they can be helped with some mixing finesse, allowing yourself to leave the "orchestral hall"-spirit for a moment and dissolve their spatial realism. OR double them up with countering Celli and Double Bass? Or appropriate woodwinds, possibly.

    Anyway, I'm excited for and with you, sensing the love and passion you have for all of this. Don't hesitate to become a bit more adventurous, exploring more complex harmonies, playing with sensations of seeming disorder or wonder and resolving those. Don't be afraid to listen to some Jazz to take you well out of the basics. Maybe even imagine a more complex math, allowing you to stack certain harmonies and observe the emotional impact they have.

    Again, I hope, you don't mind me telling you all this and- even more so- that you may find some impressions inspiring.

    Overall, you're a wonderful musician and I'm already happy to find your next piece!

  • Thank you very much!! It's great to get such detailed feedback. It took me a long time to get the cellos not to sound too synthetic. But sometimes it is difficult. I definitely need to work more on mastering and mixing. I'm not satisfied with the brass yet either. They are not quite in balance for me either but with time you learn to handle the VST instrument better. But you are right, this piece needs your attention and it takes the time to develop slowly. I am more of a minimalist when it comes to composing. Thanks again for your feedback. I really appreciate that!!!