Using Studio One 5 for BBCSO Pro??

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Is anyone have a great experience using BBCSO with Studio One 4 or 5 Pro? Are there any professional or technical disadvantages you notice as opposed to Cubase 10 or 11 Pro?

From the day I met Cubase, it has been just disorienting and overly-technical enough for me to never fall in love, or even in like with it. Every few months I try to engage with and invest in it again - and it's like a series of horrible dates.

Studio One has been the opposite and by far the easiest DAW for me for normal rock and audio tracking. Until now, I've perceived it as being less ideal - and therefore, maybe not worth the time to learn - for composition and film/tv sync production. But that's a rookie assumption, not a professional observation.

I have to end the madness and commit to S1 or Cubase once and for all. Or maybe this is a sign to track and sketch in S1, then dump into a Cubase template and mix down in Cubase.

Any thoughts? Advice on which to bite the bullet on? For any help in breaking this cycle, I would be in your debt.

Thank you-


  • Hi. I've been using Studio One 5 for the past year having moved from Ableton. I also have BBCSO Core which works like a dream on Studio One 5. I've used the template from Spitfire with it and utilise the 'Track disable' and 'Track Hide' features. There are a couple of odd issues such as Track Colouring have a habit of changing sometimes when you brush over it (even without clicking) but other than that. I love it.

    Also Studio One was a breeze to learn. I've not got to grips with all of it, but given that during the many many years that I used Ableton I never really understood how to use it, Studio One wins out hands down.

    Any particular questions you have?

  • "Are there any professional or technical disadvantages you notice as opposed to Cubase 10 or 11 Pro?"

    That depends on what you are doing "professionally". Cubase is a much older, and thus, mature piece of software. For example, if you write to video, Cubase handles that quite well compared to Studio One. However, Studio One has been able to adopt the good things of other DAWs and implement them in smarter, more effective ways - along with some unique features. I am not fully in S1 and loving it (despite some issues). Their pace of improvements is far faster than Cubase. Their Sound Variation implementation leaves Expression Maps in the dust in many ways. It will only get better.