Hammers vs HZ Percussion

Hey folks

I'm looking to purchase a percussion library during the Black Weekend sale but I'm struggling between Hammers or HZ Percussion.

Due to the discount, the price difference isn't that much, however Hammers has almost 90GB more in terms of file size, with HZ Percussion only around 13GB.

Was looking for recommendations from anyone who owns either of these libraries?

Thanks in advance!


  • I recently bought HZ Perc with Christopher's discount and honestly, i'm disappointed.

    The timpani rolls are incredibly hot and peaking, most of the lower notes are accompanied by a subtle digitial fuzz and the blend between dynamic layers is not great either.

    I've had technical problems where the rolls suddenly clip and then play quietly.

    Some of the roll notes have overlap, as if some players were playing an C while they were meant to be playing a B.

    If you wanted the timpani to be a feature of whatever cue you'r making, you won't like it.

    The more i'm using it the more i'm finding wrong with it.

    I'm also finding clipping on the front end of percussive samples.

    I'm a huge fan of all libraries I get from Spitfire so this was sad for me.

  • Hi @Chris Small

    It's really a matter of which style you prefer. If you want HZ's big and cinematic sounds, then HZ Percussion. If you want something a bit more dry and detailed, which also includes loops- Hammers.