Current and Future Product Development and Investments

This is a question for the Spitfire team related to the direction of many of your products and their update / upgrade cycles. I, like many people on your forums, have invested a significant amount of monies in a majority of Spitfire’s products. My concern is that for many of the libraries you are selling, most have not been updated for years in some cases. In focusing in on your newer projects like Abbey Road One, it appears other products like Albion One as well as the other Albion libraries have not had any enhancements / updates for some time. Many other libraries on your site for sale have also languished for enhancements as well. Looking at the SSO series, Chamber Strings, Solo Strings, Alternative Strings and the Studio series libraries, these have not had much attention or change over the past few years. Additionally, I am also concerned that since your focus has been on Abbey Road One, the BBC Symphony library will also suffer as you move forward (which was a significant investment to purchase).

To that end, It’s important to understand where you are going as a company and if your libraries have remaining life / enhancements moving forward. As a customer, buying something that is a dead-end product does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. I understand the need to create new products like Abbey Road One to generate net new revenue streams but it’s also important to let your customers know if you are continuing to invest in some of your other core libraries moving forward. Treating these as “cash cows” with no future investment will lead to the decline of these products if no future investments are forthcoming.

I want to clearly say that the libraries mentioned above have endured well and sound excellent but technologies change. Additionally, the competitive marketplace for these types of libraries continues to evolve and grow with competitors adding features and improvements for enhanced sounding libraries. What I am asking for is a “road map” of where you are going with the products you sell today as well as some indication of where you will and won’t be investing related to these products moving forward.

Once again, Spitfire makes some of the best products out there today but all products eventually get “old in the tooth”. Your guidance related to your future investments in your current and future libraries will provide your customers with a more informed view of your direction and allow them to make sound purchasing decisions based on this knowledge.

P.S. I really love the energy Spitfire brings to the market. My ask is to insure your customers understand where you are headed so Spitfire endures for a "Long" time.


George Snyder


  • Justin
    edited March 2021

    BBCSO just had a massive update in January. Studio Brass had an update a month ago. JB Percussion just had a small update. Even Originals Epic Strings, a $29 library, got an update a few days ago.

    This is 100% speculation, but I think an SSO update will come as a port to the Spitfire plugin, with a simultaneous release of the mic expansions.