The cMP 5.1 ist dead - your thoughts on the next step

Hi @all

my workhorse and mainmaschine is a cMP wich I built up over the time to 12 3,46 ghz CPU with 96 GB RAM and some SSD NVMe as RAID. It works perfect. I never had any problem with it even using heavy orchestral or hybrid project.

As er all know the cMP 5.1 is finally dead there will be no support for Mojave after Nov21 - so this is the moment for the last train . (I don’t want to go the way of updating it to Big Sur not officially supported)

my first question would be: is someone in the same situation and wich way did you take?

My actual situation changed a bit so that I have to move more than I did two years ago so a mobile solution would be good but not essential. Therefore I’m thinking about a new MBP M1 Max 64 GB ….. which ist f&€&?; expensive but comes close to the power I had in my cMP. I’m also thinking of the Mini M1 (loosing some horsepower I had before)

what are your thoughts?

thank you a lot