BBCSO Multi-output

Was wondering if a future update of BBCSO might be able to have the possibility to send articulations to multi outs in a similar way to how the mics can currently be routed...?

for example load one multi-out instance of Violins I, and then have the longs to be controlled by stereo out 1, staccatos st. 2, pizz. St. 3 etc...

This would mean that you could essentially have a dedicated channel for each articulation of an instrument, but don't have to load multiple instances of BBCSO. It would also mean you could change the mic positions within the plugin and it would change for all the articulations. (also for mixing is useful as you can mix each articulation differently...)

I realise this is mostly a workflow thing; that I like to have different articulations on separate channels but could be a useful feature...


  • Hi @Daniel Vickers

    Thanks for the feedback. We have had a lot of request for Multi Timbral functionality and this is something our team can indeed look at for future products. For now, you can of course achieve this by using the Purge Technique Editor.

  • Hi Spitfire team. Along these lines, I think it would be awesome to also allow Core to be used as a multi in general, in order to save system resources. With Kontakt libraries I can load up all my brass instruments in one instance, for example, and route midi channels to them. Loading the whole Core BBCSO as individual instruments plus a few other libraries in my template is killing my CPU. Any possible way to optimize BBCSO as well so that it uses less RAM? I'm cooking at 99% RAM on a 64GB machine, though I am combining BBCSO with Cinebrass and Damage 2.

  • @joshu7386 The CPU saving between a multi timbral load of SSO (which has far less articulations) and BBC SO Pro is roughly 2%, which is hardly anything considering its one Kontakt plugin vs 5 BBC SO Plugins.

    You can save RAM with BBC SO by purging any techniques you are not using: