Important Statement Regarding BBC SO 1.4.0

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Earlier this week, we began sending copies of BBC SO 1.4.0 to Pro and Core customers. Along with some improvements, this new plugin also enabled full M1 (Apple Silicon) compatibility.

Shortly after it was released, we were made aware of an issue with the UUID, which essentially means that the new plugin could not recall previous DAW sessions. This is obviously an issue that needs to be urgently addressed, and as such, we have pulled the update for users who did not yet receive it.

If you have downloaded the 1.4.0 update, please do not save any sessions where you have used BBC SO- as this will mean you will be unable recall the session when we release an updated plugin with the original UUID.

If you have purchased BBC SO Core or Pro since Monday 22nd November, you would have also received 1.4.0. This means that any DAW sessions you have made with BBC SO since purchase will be affected when we revert the UUID back to the original. You should therefore contact support at

We do not have a timeline regarding when the update will be ready to download, but we will individually email anyone affected in the coming days with the update to let them know of this issue and when the updated version (1.4.0) is safe to install.

Once everyone has received the update, we will announce the change log and availability of the update on this Forum. BBC SO Discover users will not receive the update until December.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment below or contact our support team directly for advice. In response to this, we have carried out a full investigation as to how this was possible, and will also be improving our testing processes to avoid this happening in the future.

We apologise for any inconvienice this has caused.


  • Hi Angus,

    I updated to 1.4.0 straight away. I have been working on a Logic session which I started in 1.2.1, and it opened fine (even after the upgrade to 1.4.0). Not clear if this is covered in the situation you mention (since the session presumably started with the original UUID, but is now working fine under 1.4.0)

    To be clear, you're saying I shouldn't open other files (created with 1.2.1 plugin) and then save them as this will break them in the future? Or is this limited to new sessions created from scratch with the new plugin 1.4.0?


  • Well, I hope that the update to fix this issue arrives soon.

  • Hello, is it a way to reload and reinstal the previous version of the plugin in the meantime?

  • @flh3 if you have owned BBC SO prior to Monday 22nd November, 2021, we should be able to roll your plugin back if you have installed the update. I've created a ticket for you. Anyone else who has installed the update and did purchase before Monday, please reach out to support at

  • flh3
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    Hi Angus.

    Great. I've bought BBC SO when it was released, in the years before covid :-) . I'll check in the spirtfire app this evening. Is this ticket valid for 2 computers? (My desktop imac and my MB)

  • Update: It has only affected VST3. If you downloaded the update and use AU, VST, or AAX, your sessions will not be affected. We will provide an update for all plugin types regardless.

  • OK! Thank you for your reactivity! Have a nice evening.

  • I've just updated from Core to Pro. The plugin in my account is still version 1.2.1, however the libraries seem to be downloading version 1.4.

    Currently I am unable to mode switch over to Pro in the plugin and am getting error #2 in the top left.

    I'm guessing this could be a related problem.

  • @Stardog24 and @orange

    I've created tickets for you both.

    For the latter, early indications show that some Originals updates were affected. We're working on investigating this now that the BBCSO issue is resolved.

  • An update will be posted to the forum shortly on this regarding the new 1.5.0 Plugin

  • @orange we're working on something now. As soon as we have an update, we'll post on this thread:

  • I will close this thread now, as the info here has been superseded by the thread below:

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