BBCSO Core: Some blokes chatting away in glockenspiel high Bb

Just noticed that somebody is having merry old chinwag in the BBCSO Core glockespiel, highest Bb (and B, actually).

Anybody else noticed this? I've checked for updates and there don't seem to be any. Kinda funny, but also a problem as I want to use those notes in a part right now...


  • Definitely file a support ticket. The nice folks in support will ping you if/when it is fixed. Otherwise would suggest you try to make do, or swap it out for one from another library.

    I have quite a few support tickets across multiple instruments waiting for fixes (round robins that don't sound, or sound the wrong pitch). I must be very unlucky, since I'm a relatively light user yet I keep stumbling into them.

    Maybe someone from Spitfire can comment on how they roll releases to include these. Was hoping most would be included in the 1.2 update but many remain.

  • Yes, I'll open a ticket today. Fortunately I have the Ricotti mallets, as a substitute. They're very different acoustically, but will do the trick for now.

  • Hi @jbm

    We already have this logged and on the to-do list. If you have created a ticket, we can link your ticket to the fix and then inform you directly when an update to BBC SO is dropped.

    All the best,


  • Legato sample? Barely discernable but could be 'What are you getting Gladys for Christmas?'

    Buy the Pro version to get the reply.

    Just kidding.

    Loving the Spitfire BBC SO.!!!

    Thank you guys.

  • Haha, I love stuff like this. Reminds me that we have real instruments in real rooms.

  • Yep, it happens. After one of the woodwind libaries came out I had noticed some chatter at the very tail end of one specific note if you held it out long enough. It was pretty minor but I submitted a support ticket and they pinged me when it was fixed only about a week later! :)