Introducing Aperture: The Stack — A truly MONSTROUS ensemble of electronic equipment captured through the largest amount of amps ever recorded.

This record-breaking wall of sound comprises 56 guitar amps, 4 subs on 4 levels of rigging, with sources from an unbelievable selection of vintage synths, drum machines, eurorack and guitars, all captured in the rarified space of AIR Lyndhurst Hall.

Available for FREE when you spend £299/ €349 / $349 during the Black Weekend.

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  • Major KUDOS to Spitfire for making Aperture: The Stack available for purchase after this promotion ends...that makes sense! A promotional incentive, but no digital scarcity.

    Spitfire Marketing/Product Team - show you listen to and care about your customers who have spend a lot of money investing in your products and ecosystem: is there a solution for your frustrated customers who want some path to getting a copy of Aperture Strings/Orchestra?

  • Jase Ess
    edited November 22

    While I don't think Spitfire will provide access to past Aperture libraries, it's great to see they have updated their marketing and availability on these special libraries moving forward.

    I discovered Spitfire last year and managed to get Aperture: Orchestra, but would love to have access to the Strings. I doubt this would happen, and in reality, I can just program this effect manually in my DAW. Sure, it may take a little longer but if its the sound and effect you're after, then this is achieveable even if you dont have the library.

    I think Spitfire is wise changing the marketing strategy this year for Aperture - kudos Spitfire, looking forward to seeing more of this customer focused change in the future!

  • Very interested in this, and may grab it up in the sale (by picking Albion Solstice and DC Noisemaker). Does The Stack work on the M1, by any chance? Obviously not a deal-breaker, since "free" is a hard price to complain about... :)

    Just curious whether I could actually try it if I jumped in.

  • Does The Stack get added to your account on the 25th for purchases made during early access?

  • The thing is - instead of opening multiple Kontakt libraries, the beauty of the Aperture Strings/Orchestra idea is to have it mapped on a single library loaded...which just seems so much easier than a bunch of Multis. It really is a clever idea for a product - which is why I am hoping Spitfire will address this! :)

  • The FAQ section has got your answer:


    Within 24 hours of spending £299 / $349 / €349 in total during The Black Weekend 2021. You will receive a dedicated email containing download instructions.

  • As much as I would love the Aperture: Strings library, Spitfire have made it clear they wont be releasing it again.

    Unfortunately for us, this means we wont have access to this.

    Having said that, I am looking forward to getting this new library - the preview videos sound amazing and I can think of a heap of uses for it.

  • I hear you man - but don't you think that idea of digital scarcity is a bit odd?

    There is no reason they couldn't assist customers who really want it with some path to access to Aperture Strings - either through a purchase or some kind of retroactive good will access.

    It doesn't cost anything to give access to a piece of software they don't want to put on sale, you know?

    I find it hard to believe that customers who got Aperture Strings or Aperture Orchestra during the previous Black Weekend events would actively be upset if other customers found a way to access and share these products. Do you?

  • Jase Ess
    edited November 23

    Do I think the idea of digital scarcity is a bit odd? Not at all @mrzackzadek, nothing lasts forever.

    Spitfire has the right to market libraries how they want. They are a private business and it's not Spitfires fault that we didn't know about the company or the promotion at the time. We also aren't privy to the contracts and agreements between Spitfire and the musicians who are paid royalties for playing on this promotional product.

    Spitfire made a promise via marketing to their customers who purchased Aperture during those years and I appreciate they are keeping their word, rather than alienating those customers. It was promoted as a time event - like the music industry does with Limited Edition digital albums containing bonus features.

    I am sure Spitfire would make more money if they decided to release Aperture 2019/2020 again but one of the things I love about this company is their integrity.

    I can see the appeal and the desire of getting Aperture: Strings from 2019 given how awesome Aperture: Orchestra 2020 is. I managed to get this last year and will look at getting The Stack this year. Do I want the 2019 edition? Sure do, but I know in reality that won't happen. And I'm OK with that.

    While there are many of us who would have liked to get those libraries that are no longer available, Spitfire is listening to feedback on this forum and others like VI Control about this situation, and this is clearly evident given their decision to make this years release available as a direct purchase from 1st December.

    I respect we may have differing opinions on the situation and appreciate the genuine discussion about this.

    If youre planning on getting The Stack during the Black Weekend, don't leave it too late and make sure you spend enough to warrant getting this amazing looking library for free.

    Cheers, Jase

  • I have to leave the comment here and say HUGE CONGRATULATIONS for this absolutely insane project! Can't wait to hear it in action.

  • In previous years the Aperture instruments were automatically added to the account for owners of the Everything Collection, as they are obviously unable to spend on anything during the Black Weekend. Will this continue with The Stack?

  • Worked here - I ping'd Spitfire Support, and within a day it was there. Kudo's to Spitfire for taking this approach.

  • To me, this is further evidence that @Spitfire Audio should offer a way for newer customers to have a path to access previous Aperture libraries.

  • Evan_Silvia
    edited November 24

    This thing inspired the hell out of me. I love this amalgamation of sound and amps not only does it look cool it SOUNDS Amazing. I can't afford the full thing just yet but the Demo has one of the most massive incredible sounds I've heard and the amount of overtones and different harmonics you can hear bouncing around is just absolutely astonishing. I hope you enjoy this short piece I made.

    Blade Runner Epic Soundscape Spitfire Aperture - YouTube

  • One thing to note: if you had previously installed Aperture: The Stack demo patch and select Not Installed or Updates in the Spitfire Audio App, then Aperture: The Stack won’t be displayed since the demo patch has been installed. If you de-select Not Installed or select Installed and then select Aperture: The Stack, the Install button will be visible. fyi.

    Perhaps in a future @Spitfire Audio App version (after 3.3.18), products with some sections installed and some not installed will show the product in the Not Installed or Updates list.

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